Nov 27, 2013

Tattoos - My personal view

If you know me, you know i absolutely love tattoos. I myself, as of yesterday, have a total of 9! 
& here is my new additions;

Now, I'm blogging about this because ever since I have gotten my very first tattoo, people always tell me "you're going to regret that later." I hear it often, and more so with every new addition I get. People telling me I will regret something kind of sets me off. I don't like others telling me what I will regret. It's like they are time travelers and saw me saying I regret one of my tattoos later in the future. 
No. I absolutely love every single of one my tattoos. I think they're amazing works of art, don't by many great artist here in the U.S. and overseas. I'm not someone who goes and gets a tattoo out on a whim, I actually plan for months what exactly I will get, what size, what colors (if any), what words, etc. I carefully plan these things out and make sure at the very end, it is exactly what I want. 

I have a total of 9 tattoos. Out of those 9 you can only see 3. The small one on my wrist, and now my new one on my forearm, and if I wear a low cut shirt, then the one on my collar bone. Other than that, you don't see anymore. But the ones that are showing are very easy to cover up. If i don't wear a v-neck shirt, and wear a regular collared shirt, you won't be able to see my collar bone. If i hear long sleeve, you won't be able to see my forearm or wrist. 

Many people also tell me that I won't get hired based on my new tattoo. That is false. There are these shirts that are called "long sleeved shirts" that you can wear to interviews or even your job. You could wear a nice blazer, or a nice jacket as well. There are always ways to cover up tattoos and look presentable. Kat Von D, one of the most famous portrait tattooers today, even came out with a canceler and cover up specifically for tattoos. Even though I don't think people should be judged based on tattoos, some people still do.

People assume that if you are covered in tattoos, you don't care about your life, you're not professional, you may not have a job, etc. But that is not true. I know many doctors, MDs, nurses, teachers, etc. Who are very heavily tattooed, they just show only a small portion of their tattoos, or not at all. 

So please, before you tell someone they will regret a tattoo, think about how that person will react. Think about how you may feel if someone told you you would regret something you really love. 

Nov 20, 2013

Roast Busters - A great example of how now even the law enforcement isn't taking rape seriously.

These "men" right here are apart of a group called the "Roast Busters." And what have they gotten famous for? For filming themselves gang raping intoxicated, underage girls. In 2011 a 13 year old girl would be their 3rd victim, she was raped, filmed, and even put on Facebook for thousands of people to see and mock. Shortly after the incident occurred, this young lady goes and reports it to the police, people she thinks she can trust. Instead, after she told her story their only response was;
"Well, what were you wearing?"
They then DISMISSED her case saying there was not enough evidence. 

It was also come to light that one of these "men" is the son of a police officer. 4 victims total have come forth saying they were raped by these cowards and absolutely nothing was done. It is sad and completely unacceptable how corrupt the justice system is when it comes to defending young girls and women against sexual assault. 

The question that is COMPLETELY and UNDOUBTEDLY irrelevant is asking a women what she was wearing. I cannot stress this enough! What we wear, what we choose to dress in, IS NOT GIVING CONSENT. When people hear of rape cases they assume the clothes they were wearing was the reason. 
No. And this needs to stop. Victim blaming and "slut shaming" is NOT OKAY. A women could be walking down town completely naked, and she is still not giving consent to be touched. 

I am disgusted with how society treats rape victims. It is not a women's fault. It is never a women's fault. If she is drunk, it is not her fault. She should be able to have good time without fearing for her life. If she is dressed in a bra and underwear, it is not her fault. If she is showing cleavage, it is not her fault. Society stresses too much on ways that women can defend themselves against rape, rather than teaching young men NOT TO RAPE. 

Justice needs to be served, not only to these 4 victims but to every young girl, and women who have reported cases of being raped and nothing was done because she was the one to blame. I'm tired of hearing "boys will be boys," "it's just their hormones, they can't control them, they are not to blame." "well she was drunk," "well she was in a really short skirt," 
NO. It needs to end. 

Stop the victim blaming. Blame the cowards who couldn't respectfully take NO for answer like a real man should. 

Nov 18, 2013

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!

Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! 

On November 10th, 1775 the United States Marine Corps was born! One of the most elite military branches we have established today. They are the first ones in a war, and always the last ones out. They are a very well trained, well respected branch in our armed forces. 
Every year the USMC celebrates it's birthday with a United States Marine Corps Ball. During the ball not only de we celebrate but we also remember all marines that have served and have paid the ultimate price for our country. 
There is always a guest speaker, who is usually of very, very high rank and has experienced many things in his marine corps career. This year we we were lucky enough to have a Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps speak during the reception. After the reception comes a very formal dinner and desert, and afterwards is finally the dancing and drinking (if you're not underage.) 
It's a celebration of their branch, of their achievements, it's a way to show they are proud to be Marines. 
Although not every unit can celebrate it right on the 10th many do their best to get as close as they can. This year we celebrated a week late due to work but it still didn't take away meaning.

I'm proud that my soon to be husband is a Marine!
Happy Birthday Marines! 

Outside Class-room activity - Science Museum!

Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina! 
I went with my fiancé to this museum for my outside class room activity. Although it was a "natural science" museum it was still pretty interesting! I'm more of the super science things vs. the natural but I had a lot of fun. 
It is the oldest established museum in North Carolina and also the largest in the southeast. They have programs and also even class rooms to learn about specific things. They cover anything from NASA, to astronomy, to human body parts, and to animals. They cover all aspects of natural science and the best part is, is that it is all for free. 
Inside the museum, there is a bridge that connects another building to it, and that is where the actual labs and testing are done. There is a huge part of the building dedicated to the study of DNA alone. While my fiancé and I were there, people were actually working in the labs. It was great to see scientist actually work while also looking about the museum they helped create. 
The museum has over 3 million different specimens for viewing, and also for research. They display rooms that view anything from DNA, to birds, mammals, geology, fishes, reptiles, astronomy, invertebrates, and paleontology (dinosaurs!) 
It's a great museum to visit to learn more about natural science and to get a great view on environmental awareness as well. 

Nov 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day! 

                                         My Dad!                   My Fiancé!         My Father in Law

My dad has been serving in the US Army for 17, almost 18 years now. He has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan twice shortly after 9/11. A few days after 9/11 he was sent out, at this time we were currently living in Germany. I was about 6-7 years old. The second time he was sent was about 2 years after his return. Both terms combined he spent about 3 years in war. Once my dad retires after doing his 20 years in the US Army, he will continue to work for the military as a Fueling Specialist with his Doctorates specializing in petroleum. 

My fiancé has been in the United States Marine Corps for coming on 6 years! He enlisted straight out of high school. He has been deployed to Afghanistan one time for a year. Once his contract of 6 years finishes in July he will re-enlist and continue to serve as a reserve marine but he will serve his community of Raleigh, North Carolina as a Fire Fighter. 

My Father in Law is in the US Army who enlisted and then became an officer. He has been to Iraq and Afghanistan several times. I have known him and my fiancé for 10 years now! Much of my childhood he was overseas fighting and did not get to come home often. He has completed his 20 years of service but is still serving strong today! 

I want to thank these 3 great men as well as all the men and women who have served in the past and are currently serving. I come from a long line of a military family. My father, my uncle, my cousins, all serve. Anywhere from the Army to the Navy. My fiancé, my future father in law and my uncle in law all serve as well in the Army, Marine Corps and the National Guard. It is important to remember our vets past and present. They have fought for our freedom and for our protection. 

Thank a veteran today, or any day for their service! They more than deserve it. 

Oct 7, 2013

He/She reading in English; Transgender topic.


Today in English we discussed if, as future parents, we'd accept our children if they came to us and had said they wanted to be a girl or a boy. The discussion of course got pretty heated seeing as this is a controversial discussion.  I, for the most part, held back my tongue and just let people talk. To be honest, I have never been more pissed off in my life after hearing some things I've heard.

I understand people have their own opinions, and it's okay that I don't always agree with them, but some comments are just flat out incredibly inconsiderate to your future child if they wanted to be transgender.  To me, I believe you should love, accept and support your child. If your son wants to be a girl, let him be who he believes he is. If you're not sure and think it is a phase, let it run it's course, there is nothing wrong with letting your child go through what they have to, in-order to find themselves. In 99% of cases, early signs of being transgender is almost always certain, and not a phase. Children as early as 2 or 3 start to decide if they like dolls better, or cars, if they want to wear a dress for halloween or be GI joe. It starts at an early age and that's what most parents have a problem with.

Because their children are so young, they think they have no idea what being transgender means, or they think it's a phase. Children know themselves better than you know them. If my son or daughter came to me, in full trust that I wouldn't hurt them physically or emotionally, and confined in telling me they believe they are of the opposite gender, I would be okay with that. I would support and love them through it all. As for explaining it to other parents, my view is you don't owe anyone an explanation. There are some parents who are generally curious as to why your child is this way, and how you cope with it. To me though there is no explanation as to why my child wants to be the opposite sex, they just are, and that is okay. As to how I "cope" with it, my feeling is that I shouldn't have to cope, I should love and accept as a parent and protector of my child no matter if they are transgender, transexual, gay, or bisexual.

People always ask me why I feel so strongly about LGBT rights or acceptance. Some people that know me, say it's because I lack "religious beliefs." This is false. I was raised and baptized catholic. Have been to catholic mass my whole life, I've done my first communion and then confirmation by the catholic church. I participate in relent every year, and I also hold beliefs that are personal to me. I believe religion is something that should be private and personal. But because I am catholic, I won't let that dictate every aspect of my life. Although some catholics "shun" me for accepting LGBT people, I personally don't care. I won't let a book ruin my judgement on acceptance.

I've first hand seen, within my family and even friends, what rejection can do. I think it's wrong for parents to turn away from their children, due to the simple fact that they are either gay, lesbian or transgender. Your child has trusted in you that you won't judge them,  that you'll help them, love them, and support them during this time when probably no one else will. And you as a parent have failed them for turning your back. It's your job to protect and love them, despite who THEY are.

I was blessed enough to be born to accepting parents. They've had this conversation with my brother and I at a young age, that no matter if we were to become gay or transgender, they would love and support us no matter what.

My heart goes out to the children, teenagers and even adults who struggle to be who they are because their families won't accept something different.