Nov 27, 2013

Tattoos - My personal view

If you know me, you know i absolutely love tattoos. I myself, as of yesterday, have a total of 9! 
& here is my new additions;

Now, I'm blogging about this because ever since I have gotten my very first tattoo, people always tell me "you're going to regret that later." I hear it often, and more so with every new addition I get. People telling me I will regret something kind of sets me off. I don't like others telling me what I will regret. It's like they are time travelers and saw me saying I regret one of my tattoos later in the future. 
No. I absolutely love every single of one my tattoos. I think they're amazing works of art, don't by many great artist here in the U.S. and overseas. I'm not someone who goes and gets a tattoo out on a whim, I actually plan for months what exactly I will get, what size, what colors (if any), what words, etc. I carefully plan these things out and make sure at the very end, it is exactly what I want. 

I have a total of 9 tattoos. Out of those 9 you can only see 3. The small one on my wrist, and now my new one on my forearm, and if I wear a low cut shirt, then the one on my collar bone. Other than that, you don't see anymore. But the ones that are showing are very easy to cover up. If i don't wear a v-neck shirt, and wear a regular collared shirt, you won't be able to see my collar bone. If i hear long sleeve, you won't be able to see my forearm or wrist. 

Many people also tell me that I won't get hired based on my new tattoo. That is false. There are these shirts that are called "long sleeved shirts" that you can wear to interviews or even your job. You could wear a nice blazer, or a nice jacket as well. There are always ways to cover up tattoos and look presentable. Kat Von D, one of the most famous portrait tattooers today, even came out with a canceler and cover up specifically for tattoos. Even though I don't think people should be judged based on tattoos, some people still do.

People assume that if you are covered in tattoos, you don't care about your life, you're not professional, you may not have a job, etc. But that is not true. I know many doctors, MDs, nurses, teachers, etc. Who are very heavily tattooed, they just show only a small portion of their tattoos, or not at all. 

So please, before you tell someone they will regret a tattoo, think about how that person will react. Think about how you may feel if someone told you you would regret something you really love. 

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  1. I totally agree with you! I only have one tattoo but I have like 6 other ideas. I just do not have the funds to get one at the moment. Your new tattoo is absolutely beautiful!